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A brief introduction interview in my art background, who I am, my approach to art and my aims for the future.

I'm devoted to seek out the truth in life and express my discoveries through my art and creative writing

Creating has always been a source of deep enjoyment and satisfaction for me. I like to paint the world with colour, energy and spirit. Whether I paint the reality of daily life or the fantasy of my dreams, my inspirations are always rooted in appreciating the simple things and what makes our lives meaningful.

Painting scenes which tell a story and capture a defining moment or human emotions is what I focus on. Whether it’s the way eyes gaze into the past or future, the childhood innocence of a smile, the feeling of letting go in abstract or the joy of being alive, I like to move you emotionally. 

I find meditating and being present in nature a form of healing and rejuvenation – especially when I’m seeking perspective and meaning for my existence. It restores my passion for life and creativity. The spirituality I’m into is the reality of our existence: our origin and place within the universe and how we’re connected to our humanity. Seeking the spirit of life and understanding its intangible meaning which manifests itself in different ways, is what brings me the most joy!

I use nature and astronomy as a setting for romance, love and harmony; where unity is the most meaningful. The form and flow of nature leaves me in awe. At times, this can be reflected in my brush strokes which are influenced by a traditional Persian Nastali’iq calligraphy art form. I appreciate how every component in a scene compliments each other and fits perfectly – just like the essence of life in how everything is as it should be, in harmony with all other elements in the cosmos. I like to view our universe as one, big massive heartbeat!

Another subject I enjoy painting is dreams – the other side of reality when certainties are suspended and fantasies flourish. It allows me to escape life's dark realities and enter my own world of beauty, elegance and mysticism.

Of course, how I apply colour plays a key role in expressing the intangible meaning. As Wassily Kandinsky once said: “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings, the artist is the hand which plays, touching one key or another to cause vibrations in the soul”. 

I recently completed a 10-year project called ‘Rise’: a collection of paintings and poems which encapsulate crucial moments I faced in my past. Moments we all face to some degree and at some point in our lives which illustrate my fall as a victim of bullying and subsequently my rise to a creative artist and individual. These creations focus on discovering enlightenment, self growth and rising above adversities in life. Just like a true reflection of life, each discovery is hidden away in each painting and poem combination for you to find out.

The creation of ‘Rise’ liberated me on many levels and I aim to use this collection as an inspirational platform for those who face their own adversities in any stage or situation in their lives.

Rise is available here.