Requesting Commission-Based Work

If you would like to request a commission, please fill out the form below and email me any photographic material to Guidance on submitting photographs is provided to the bottom of the page. If you don't have suitable photographic material, a 1-2 hour photography session can be arranged, if so, please state in the Queries & Additional Information box below.

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Please select from the following media below. The charcoal paper I use is thin and more grey-looking, whereas the watercolour paper I use is thicker (feeling closer to a card weight) and appears lighter and more white-looking. If you're unsure, I can help advise.
Pase state your desired dimensions in millimetres, centimetres or inches. I can advise on the most suitable depth for panels, boards and canvases, depending on dimensions.
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Please email me any photographic material to

Guidance on submitting photographic material


Consider whether you like to have single or multiple subjects.


The photography session can take place either in the comfort of your own home or an agreed location. Consider whether you would like the subject to be indoors out outdoors as this will determine whether professional lighting will be required for a photography session.


Please bear in mind whether you would like the subject to wear formal or informal clothes.


The portrait can be produced in one of the 3 following formats:

  • Head and shoulders;
  • 3/4; or
  • Full figure.

Photograph quality

The photograph must be the highest quality/resolution possible (e.g. small, dark, blurry, pixelated images won't provide enough detail or information to work with).